• About

    Blockchain Technology is mainly evolved from a perspective of the decentralized financial system and promoting the cashless economy. The digital ledger where the transactions made in Bitcoin or else another cryptocurrency that is recorded publicly and chronologically. This technology has radically improved the supply chain and other transactions network. The blockchain is considered as the network of computers or else devices that is open to anyone of all which must approve a transaction that has taken place before the recorded in a "chain" of computer code

  • Course Content

    1. Transformation in trading units
    2. Cryptography and Crypto-currency
    3. Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Cryptocurrencies
    4. Digital Signatures
    5. Cryptocurrency Hash codes
    6. Peer to peer networks (structured and unstructured)
    7. Introduction to Blockchain and its Origin
    8. Introduction to Bitcoin and its usage
    9. Introduction to Bitcoin Mining,
    • Bitcoin – Network and process,
    • Bitcoin mining explained
    • Bitcoin cloud mining
    • Mining Developments – Incentives
    • Security

  • Certifications

    • A hard copy will be provided on the 2nd day of the workshop.
    • Also a digital certificate that can be downloaded any time and any number of times by which you can download from login IDs provided by the company.

  • Registration

    • Registration fee: RS.1290/-