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    Presentation is where science and art break even!! The basic trait of an engineer is how well his/her presentation skills are.Anyone can learnt ideas but it takes a huge amount of proficiency,creativity and imagination to bring down all ideas into one single poster. "Poster Presentation "provides you a platform to emphasis the ability to deliver a visual presentation.Time's ticking! Wait no more,regristrations are now open.


    • VLSI & Embedded systems
    • Image Processing, Speech processing
    • Nano Technology
    • Micro processor and micro controllers
    • Digital signal processing
    • Miscellaneous and Innovative topics
    • Wireless sensor networks
    • Smart antennas
    • MEMS
    • Soft computing techniques in electrical engineering(genetic evolutionary,swarm intelligence etc.,)
    • Artificial intelligence in electrical engineering(Neural,Fuzzy,ANFIS etc)
    • Power electronics and energy efficient industrial drives.
    • Renewable power conservation technologies and energy storage systems.
    • Power quality issues monitoring and improvement techniques.
    • Smart grids and expert systems.
    • Miscellaneous and Innovative topics
    3. CSE, IT, CSSE :
    • Network security
    • Mobile application development
    • Cloud Computing
    • Knowledge and data mining
    • Information security
    • Internet Of things
    • Miscellaneous and Innovative topics
    4. CIVIL (CE):
    • Ground Improvement Techniques
    • Transportation planning and management
    • Water Resources Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Remote Sensing and GISs
    • Disaster Mitigation Management
    • Environmental engineering
    • Miscellaneous and Innovative topics
    • CAD, CAM & SIM
    • Heat pipes
    • Aerospace Flywheel developement
    • Valvetronic engine
    • Alternative Fuels
    • Robotics
    • Miscellaneous and Innovative topics
    6. DEGREE:
    • Start-ups
    • Role of science and technology in development of India
    • Solid waste management
    • Digital India
    • Scientific background in India customs and traditions
    • Digital payments in the area of demonotisation
    • GST


    • We accept posters from any domain related to “E branches, C branches, MECH and CIVIL and branches from degree”.
    • The ABSTRACT must be sent to respective mail ids of the respective disciplines given below:
    C-Branches :
    ECE :
    EEE :
    CIVIL :
    MECH :
    DEGREE :
    • ABSTRACT should be submitted in MS word/PDF and should not more than 250 words.
    • The abstract MUST contain the Full names of the Participants along with their Contact Numbers, Course Name (Branch), College Name and City.
    • The shortlisted candidates would be informed personally by email.
    • The shortlisted candidates shall register for the event participation by paying an amount of Rs.300 through Online Banking, the soft copy of the paid slip must be sent to the or they can register at spot at the time of the event.
    • Participants are requested to take care while paying for the event so as not to pay multiple times. If payment is done without receiving the confirmation mail that your abstract is selected, in such cases money will not be refunded if abstract is not shortlisted.


    • All participants must bring their college ID cards at the time of the event.
    • The number authors per poster should not exceed two(2).
    • The title must be prominently clear and to the point.The complete title of abstract should be Times New Roman font,size 12 using bold face.
    • ABSTRACT should be submitted in MS word format and not more than 250words.
    • The Mohanamantra2k19 logo must be displayed in poster at right top.
    • The presenting author's name must be marked by the asterisk.
    • The team members must bring their self made posters on the day of competition in time.
    • The poster must be printed and presented on a 3x4 feet FLEX SHEET.
    • Certificate will be issued to participants who have registered to the event and presented the poster.
    • Decision of the judges is final.

  • Registration

    Registration fee: RS.300/-


    FIRST PRIZE: Rs.1500
    SECOND PRIZE: Rs.1200
    THIRD PRIZE: Rs.800