• About

    Ring the bells and ding your pockets.

    The player is given a stick to ring the bells. At a certain height, the bells are previously attached to trees. Player should ring all the bells in the region within the time limit.


    • Only one player can play the game at a moment.

  • Terms & Conditions

    • Mohana mantra reserves all the rights to cancel any of these events at any point of time.
    • Team Mohana Mantra’s decision will be final.
    • Any participant interested in any of the event must register both for the event and Fest.

    • If the participants are found to be guilty of cheating or malpractice, he/she will be immediately terminated from the event.
    • Spot registrations are available for all the events.
    • We are not responsible for act of god.
    • Delegates are requested to be on time for technical events.

  • Registration

    Registration Fee : Rs.50

    PRIZE MONEY : Rs.200