• About

    6 cups labelled with hidden contents backside of the cup like double the count, half of the count, same of the count etc. participant should roll the dice based on their number, pearls should be put in the cup within 2minutes.the participants reach the target pearls 50, are announced as winners.


    • They have to pick the pearls according to their dice number only.

  • Terms & Conditions

    • Mohana mantra reserves all the rights to cancel any of these events at any point of time.
    • Team Mohana Mantra’s decision will be final.
    • Any participant interested in any of the event must register both for the event and Fest.

    • If the participants are found to be guilty of cheating or malpractice, he/she will be immediately terminated from the event.
    • Spot registrations are available for all the events.
    • We are not responsible for act of god.
    • Delegates are requested to be on time for technical events.

  • Registration

    Entry Fee : Rs.25/-

    PRIZE MONEY : Rs.75/-

    Onspot Registrations are available.