1. This game is all about finding the final treasure with the help of clues
    2. Clues were hide within the campus
    3. Each Team was given the starting clue
    4. Clues will be logical
    5. Each team will get different clues
    6. If they get the 7 clues, then the last clue will lead to the treasure
    7. Time limit will be there
    8. The team, who gets the treasure first will be declared as winners


    1. Each team should have maximum of 2 members
    2. Entry fee is not refundable
    3. If done any damage to any other clues the team will be eliminated from the competition.
    4. Both the participants will be tied and they should not separate through out the game.
    5. The team which cracks all the clues early compared to other teams will be announced as the winner
    6. Participants should be in time

  • Registration

    Entry fee: 100/- per team
    Prize money: 1000/-

    Onspot registrations are available.