“If you can change people’s lives you have a business”
    People think “well everything’s been thought of” but actually all of the time there are gaps in the market. If you just keep your eyes open, you are going to find something that frustrates you, and then you think “well it could be do it better than it’s being done” the best business come from the people’s bad personal experiences.
    Do you guys having a questions like what can I work with my knowledge. Now we are giving you a path that brush up your creativity skills.
    Come up with a power point presentation about a new product or service or adding innovative features to the existing product.


    TOPICS :
    1.Name of the product
    4.Benefits and uses
    5.Target users
    7.Promotional strategies
    8.Mode of Marketing
    9.Management tactics
    (Note: Above are the required topics to be covered, you can also add some more.)
    ROUNDS :
    1.Matter Mind: 2 minutes brief about the idea of the product or service
    2.Man with a plan: Power point presentation.
    3.A suspense round.

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    Conditions :
    • All the participants must report to the registration desk by 09:30 AM
    • Without Mohan mantra ID cards the participants are not allowed to this event.
    • Any participant found to be indulging in any form of malpractice will be disqualified immediately.
    • The organising committee reserves all the rights to change any of the above rules as they deem fit.
    • Same participant should not be in more than one team.
    • The team has to submit two hard copies of the topic at the time of presentation.


    • The team has to prepare a power point presentation on their product or service(prior Preparation).
    • The no of slides should be 10-15.
    • Time limit is 10 -15 minutes.

  • Registration

    • Two members in a team.
    • Registration: Rs.200 per team.
    • Dates: 27th and 28th SEPTEMBER

    PRIZES :
    Prize money: Rs 1000/-(max) Certificates will be provided for all the participants and the winner.
    Prizes will be awarded on the second day of event i.e., September 28th 2019.
    Prize money will be changed based on registrations.