Do you have what it takes to show your business brain? Do you have what it takes to prove that you can survive in the Wall Street? Now, we are giving a platform to showcase your intellect in business sector which includes current scenarios of business focused on developing the entrepreneurial spirit. There are totally 4 rounds, Who can participate Or would you like to answer a more difficult set of questions. The journey won’t be easy. So prepare for those sweating moments. Preliminary and final round on Business and Economy, National and Global.


    Two members in a team
    Let us test your knowledge with quiz event here at MM2k19.
    • Business quiz is a form of game which related to business field in which team attempt to answer questions correctly
    • Business quiz consists of 4 rounds and the time limit for each round is minimum 30 minutes (event continuous for 2 days)

    The rounds are:
    Round 1 (written test):
    It consist of Jumbled Words, Missing Brands, Tag lines,
    Match the following- Parent company, CEO’S, Head Quarters, Currency, Identifying Brands.
    Round 2 (Eye Catching):
    It related to identifying of Identifying Logos, Abbreviations, Colours in logos , Management Gurus, Pick the CEO , Brand Ambassadors, Mergers & Acquisition.
    Round 3(Audio Visual):
    It related to Mascots, Brand Ambassadors, company logos, connection round, Ad identification.
    Round 4 (Ultra Rapid):
    It consist of 10 questions per team and time limit is one minute.

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    • Without Mohan mantra ID cards the participants are not allowed to this event.
    • Any kind of misbehaviour/malpractice by the participants will directly lead to dis-qualification of the team.
    • Arguments at any cost are not accepted, decision of the quiz team is final.
    • The organizing committee has the rights to change the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules if any will be highlighted on the website.
    • Usage of mobiles for participants in this event is strictly prohibited.

  • Registration

    • Each team consists of only two members
    • No limit for teams from each college
    • Spot registrations are available

    PRIZES :
    Prize money: Rs 1000/-(max) Certificates will be provided for all the participants and the winner.
    Prizes will be awarded on the second day of event i.e., September 28th 2019.
    Prize money will be changed based on registrations.