Crypt UR Mind

  • About

    Are you expert in recognizing the buzz words of computer science in jumble words image. Here is a platform to show your excellence to finding the buzz words. Take part in this contest of MohanaMantra2K19 and prove your talent.


    • One round with time limit of 3 minutes.
    • Any kind of malpractice during the event will lead to immediate disqualification of the participant.
    • Test contains 3 images.
    • The organizing committee reserves the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be highlighted on the website.


    The candidate who find maximum words wins the event.
     In case if there is a tie,the no of words finds in the each image can be considered.

  • Registration

    • A team may contain only one member.
    • Students of different institutions are also allowed.
    • Registration fee per each person is Rs.50.
    • Interested candidates can register for the event by paying above mentioned amount.
    • Spot registrations are available.
    • Details of the members like full names and MM id’s along with their Contact Numbers, Course Name (group), College Name and City need to be produced.

    Registration Fee: RS.50/- Per Head.
    DATES: SEP 27 and SEP 28
    TIME: 10.00 AM