Problem solving skill refers to our ability to solve problems in an effective and timely manner without any impediments. Today in every organization problems are common, sometimes problems are more complex and difficult to solve. But whether you face big problem or small problem, this skill helps to solve it effectively. Organization problem solving goes beyond merely making a decision. It also includes finding and formulating the problem, implementing the decision, and an audit and review of the results produced. A wise decision can be taken and a best solution can be given by a manager by analyzing a problem or situation keenly.


    ROUNDS :
    “The conqueror” activity (problem solving) requires thinking ability, Confidence level, communication skill, presence of mind, encompassing of all these competencies results you to be a conqueror. This event consists of 3 rounds,
    1.JAM session
    2.Story creation
    3.Problem solving

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    Conditions :
    • All the participants must report to the registration desk by 10a.m on September 27th 2019.
    • Participants must not use cell phones & laptops during the event.
    • The limit of each round in the event may be one hour (expected)
    • The participants must not discuss or talk each other during the event
    • Any participant found in indulging in any form of malpractice will be immediately terminated.
    • Any further modifications in the guidelines will be communicated accordingly and highlighted in the website.
    • All participants must bring MM id, collage id, on the day of event.


    The participant who excels in all the rounds will be awarded with the title “THE CONQUEROR” and rewarded with cash prize.

  • Registration

    • Registration fee for each individual is Rs 100
    • This is the event of individual participation
    • Students from different colleges are allowed.
    • Interested candidates can register for the event by paying the above mentioned amount on the spot or through online.

    PRIZES :
    Prize money: Rs 1000/-(max) Certificates will be provided for all the participants and the winner.
    Prizes will be awarded on the second day of event i.e., September 28th 2019.
    Prize money will be changed based on registrations.