• About

    • MEMES
    • MEME is a wirally transmitted photograph that gives entertainment with text that pokes fun at cultural symbol or social idea.
    • MEME is a art of conveying the absolute ideas. If anybody have that chance to create your great thought into MEME they will not lose these opportunities.
    • Yes! We give that opportunity come and grab opportunity.

  • Instructions

    • MEME does not contain any abuse words.
    • The MEME should be concise length.
    • Judgement decision is final.
    • The meme should be sent to a whatsapp or gmail along with NAME,PHONE NUMBER, and REGISTER FEE RECEIPT.
    MEME shouldn’t be copied.

  • Registration

    • Registration Fee: Rs 50/- only.

    • 1st PRIZE: Rs 1,500/-
    • 2nd PRIZE: Rs 1000/-